I've been with Nest for just over two and a half years. When I joined the company it had just under 100 employees. Since then its grown to over 700, and was acquired by Google for $3.2 billion. I've built applications across web marketing, web support, web applications, and now iOS. One thing has remained constant, and that's our dedication to great user experiences. I'm proud to have worked on, and the Nest Mobile iOS App.

Room 12 is a company my cousins and I started for fun. Over the past few years we've experimented with the App Store in our free time. In 2010, we released iPredict, downloaded over a million times. This year, we put out a free game called Ecliptic. These side projects have been incredibly enriching for me. I've learned a lot about iOS, games, and the app store.

In Summer 2011, I interned for Pioneer Hi-Bred. There, I wrote a native iPhone and iPad app for internal software deployment. I also wrote a C# .Net web service to be consumed by the app. This was my first real experience with professional software development, and it helped me grow my skills in web and iOS both.

I graduated from Graceland University in May of 2012 with a degree in Computer Science and Information Technology. While I was there, I served as president of our ACM chapter. Participating in ACM programming and robotics competitions gave me a taste for achieving software engineering tasks that at first appear daunting. I'm proud of the degree I received and the time I spent growing myself and my engineering skills there.

Motocamp 2016

Starting tomorrow, and for the next week, I live out of this motorcycle. It contains everything I need. Food. Shelter. Clothing. It wasn't really meant for a journey such as this, but I am confident that it will rise to the task.

My Kawasaki Vulcan S

I'll be using the...

Crowd Sourced WWDC Tips

Yesterday, I made a post enouraging people to consider going to WWDC, along with some tips on ways that you could save money doing so. I received lots of positive feedback, and I heard from a few that they were going to register because of it. That...

Saving on WWDC

If you're a developer for Apple platforms, you've undoubtedly seen some of the discussion over the last few days about the cost of WWDC. With each year popularity of the conference increases and so too does demand for tickets. Apple announces the conference...

I accidentally a game

Just over a year ago, I started hacking in my spare time on a little game. Nights and weekends when I got a wild hair, I'd sit in front of a glowing screen until the sun came up. I wrote a lot of code. I threw a lot of code away. I learned a lot about...